About FAFS Fire & Security

We specialise in designing, installing, commissioning and servicing automatic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

At FAFS Fire & Security we believe in offering our customers a solution that matches their particular needs. Our customers have the freedom to choose the system that best suits their commercial and professional expectations.

System types range from small, stand-alone conventional systems to major projects including graphics based, PC controlled intelligent multi panel networks.

At point of initial product selection, design and installation we consider and work with our customers to understand the total Life Cycle of the system and property to ensure that maintenance, monitoring, remedial works and future system upgrade costs are understood and managed.

We operate across all industries and sectors. Our customers range from large commercial companies and government departments to independent sole traders. Dedicated to providing a professional service to our Mechanical & Electrical Contractor partners we provide a solution and service that meets and exceeds the needs of all stakeholders.

Why choose FAFS Fire & Security?

Our Competent People
Our Industry Experience
Our Tailored Service
Our Total Solution
Our National Coverage
Our Innovative Approach
Our Commitment to Compliance
Our World Class Customer Service
Our Commitment to Innovation